My name is Caroline. I’m a designer and blogger, who has a taste for high quality items and interior.

The five most important things in my life right now, are my amazing family, my boyfriend Sune, gorgeous bags and shoes, steaming hot coffee, and my future. I want to study psychology, and travel and heal the world, with my very own doctor-boyfriend ūüėČ

My father is danish, and my mother is norwegian, so I’m pretty much the definition of a real scandinavian little princess :-p

I have a crazy sense of humor, and I can be very ironic, when it comes to myself. I love to laugh, enjoy good food, and take pictures.

Finding amazing, good quality items (at the right price), isn’t always easy, so I try to do the dirty work, and share my findings and treasures here with you, aswell as inspirational pictures with ideas for houses and interior.

I hope you’ll take a look around, and hopefully find my blog useful.

If you have any questions, ideas, findings of your own, or just want a little chit-chat, contact me at carolineopheliafroberg@gmail.com or right here on By Blumensaadt.

Thank you!!